Cash forecasting models rely on input from regular receipt transactions on a weekly or perhaps daily basis. Continuous feeds are required in order to take all of these updates into account and process them as drivers for cash flow forecasting.

Too often, the maintenance of these models is attempted across multiple spreadsheets and the inevitable pivot tables. This method is full of associated risks; spreadsheets are inherently disjointed and involve a fundamentally manual process to compile data with the possibility of losing control of the information as it moves between the separate sheets and workbooks.

IBM® Planning Analytics allows for the automated, dynamic update of all stages of a cash flow in real time, greatly improving the accuracy of the resulting forecast. Building operational procedures into the system strengthens the baseline for cash forecasting. Sales ledger movements are reflected in cash receipts within debtors and ultimately in the cash flow; using Planning Analytics this is instantly reflected by changes from sales to cash flow in the system.

Planning Analytics incorporates the spreadsheet logic so many users are familiar and comfortable with into a multi-dimensional tool with far more power and flexibility. The cash flow projection process moves from a data entry approach to business intelligence visualisation and reporting for the whole organisation from one central repository. Organisations are able to connect data and assign access through the stages of the cash flow model, focusing attention where it is most required and driving efficiency through systemic design.

This end-to-end capture and analysis within a single tool is able to support all levels of the business with cash flow analysis and strategies to deliver insights leading to improved decision making.

Successful cash flow projection can have a fundamental impact on the success of your business. Get in touch with Spitfire Analytics to see how embracing IBM®’s Planning Analytics technology can help you avoid some of the common challenges of cash forecasting models and drive better decision making within your organisation.

The great thing about working with Spitfire Analytics is their financial background.  We can just explain what we need in our own terms and they understand exactly what needs to be done.

- Phil Talbot, Finance Director, Robertson Group

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