If your current on-premises systems are not up to the task, boost their performance by moving to the cloud.

We are seeing lots of Planning Analytics customers experiencing issues with speed and reliability, particularly over large area networks where VPN access is required. Legacy platforms such as Perspectives and Xcelerator are notable pain points at the moment. If you are still referring to your system as IBM® Cognos TM1, your software is likely out of date and the latest version, particularly on the cloud, will provide tangible performance increases.

Migrating to the cloud has two-fold benefits:

  • Removes the need for VPN programs, allowing users to access their system from anywhere on any device without the latency issues of network connection.
  • Opens up access to the most up-to-date Planning Analytics platforms, driving large efficiency gains. The Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) and Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX) platforms provide increased speed and reliability when it’s most needed. This software will be automatically updated with any new releases from IBM®, ensuring you always have access to the latest functionality and any bug fixes or system updates are carried out by specialist IBM® experts, removing the burden from your in-house IT team.


Moving from on-premises solutions to the cloud is quick and easy – projects can be completed in less than a week. When approaching a transfer we will talk you through the key areas and produce a bespoke ‘Moving to cloud made easy’ document that is unique to your business.

Elements we will cover include:

  • A licence review of your current environment and how this will translate to a cloud platform.
  • Purchase options available and which package is most suitable for your needs. The different options are generally differentiated based on user numbers and RAM/disk space requirements.
  • Step-by-step guide to how migration works and what processes will be involved.
  • Any training requirements for your new setup.

What’s included?

Once we have established your needs, we will offer you a fixed price package to carry out the move from on-premises to the cloud. This will include all critical processes to be carried out by Spitfire Analytics and bespoke elements for completion either by our consultants or within your business dependant on the level of expertise within your team.

We will also provide a free half-day of training on your new platform as part of our service, making sure all of your users are equipped to make the most of new features and methods of working.

To explore the potential of Planning Analytics on Cloud, email us, complete the form below or call us on 0161 464 3687 to speak directly to one of our Planning Analytics consultants who will be able to advise you on your first steps to moving to the cloud.

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