A more affordable self-service solution hosted on the IBM® Cloud.

The IBM® TM1 software has long been a staple of the FP&A process. The introduction of the IBM® Planning Analytics tool expanded the offering and the new On Demand option has further extended this planning portfolio.

IBM® Planning Analytics On Demand is perfect for smaller projects where an enterprise-scale solution would be surplus to requirements. It is the ideal starting point for SMEs, aimed at getting them up and running quickly and at a low cost.

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The On Demand solution uses Workspace, which has inbuilt visualisation capabilities. Self-service interactive dashboards allow you to drop in work from anywhere and design visual workflows which will help your team .

Flexible real-time modelling capability provides instant analysis and delivers changes with a live connection.

Powerful analysis allows you to report on data from any system within one centralised application. Planning Analytics On Demand is end-to-end: no third party tools are required.

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Shared features

The On Demand solution features many of the elements of IBM® Planning Analytics:

  • Identical what-if and planning capabilities
  • Easy to use interface with intuitive drag and drop functionality
  • In-memory IBM® TM1 engine driving the software
  • Spreadsheets can be converted into multi-dimensional models using AI interpretation of the data
  • Simple security model for users invited to work with the On Demand applications

This tool allows you to be up and running and benefitting from the best of the IBM® Planning Analytics solution within minutes.

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Learning options

The solution comes complete with a library of educational content and access to inbuilt scorecards and KPIs.

Users are given help to start building a model; Starting Points offers assistance with setting up.

There is access to guided tutorials around frequently undertaken activities such as multi-currency modelling and driver-based planning.


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Lets you choose the functionality, mix of user roles and number of databases to create a custom system to suit your needs.

Prices start at $45 per month for one user and a 2GB database. Additional users are $40 each and extra databases are $5 each per month.

These specifications are on demand so can be added or removed as needed. Users work on a single platform, accessed via Workspace.