Growth in manufacturing has been attributed to a more skilled workforce; a shift towards higher quality goods; improved technology; increased investment in R&D; and a globally-integrated economy.

Manufacturing robot visual

Growth needs measuring and controlling to help prevent decline or reversal and in today’s data-driven age Spitfire Analytics can provide you with the tools required.

We have worked with many manufacturers on their planning strategies to help them understand the financial drivers delivering a particular set of results. Spitfire Analytics has consultants who have worked across submarine and military air programs, the car industry, commercial air manufacturing, smelting and refining and paper manufacturing to name a few.

One of the key areas in which we find ourselves helping our customers is understanding the practical application of analytics and how it can move data from one end of a manufacturing organisation to the other much faster than they realised was possible.

With ‘just in time’ a key concept for this sector, data analysis needs to produce results in a timely and efficient manner. The IBM® Planning Analytics technology moves data in real-time, providing each area of the organisation with immediate reports and visualisation of the information through its self-service front-end.

Why not see how Spitfire Analytics can help with technology to protect your innovation and growth and add some certainty within a volatile global market.