Budgeting is a key role for your finance team, supporting the whole organisation and driving your strategic direction.

However, when reliant on manual processes, this process can be incredibly slow and also high-risk in terms of the quality of both the data and the model.

IBM® Planning Analytics allows you to improve efficiency by designing more effective automated budgeting systems. This releases your staff from manual tasks and allows them to spend more time creating value-added analysis in support of the business. It also mitigates the potential risk of inaccurate data being introduced and impacting upon strategy.

The multi-dimensional consolidation engine is an ideal tool for evaluating figures against a budget baseline and ties in to forecasting, giving insight to where performance sits relative to budget.

Budgeting models are always subject to changing market conditions so it is vital to keep them updated. IBM® Planning Analytics is an incredibly agile tool; it takes moments to create a new budget, allowing the flexibility of moving in tandem with the prevailing markets.

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