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Our team members are all financial professionals, who understand how accurate and automated financial planning can put the Finance Team at the Heart of the Business

We have a detailed understanding of the importance of financial planning, with exceptional skills and experience in implementing Planning Analytics.  Our team members are focused on delivering an automated financial planning system which meets our clients’ needs, and constantly provide exceptional client service.

Director and IBM Planning Analytics expert Simon Bradshaw

Simon Bradshaw

Simon has worked with TM1 for over 12 years and implemented systems at some of the UK’s biggest companies. Having worked in Finance Systems as a Chartered Accountant he has felt your pain!

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Director and IBM Planning Analytics expert Declan Rodger

Declan Rodger

Declan is an IBM Certified Advanced Solutions Expert – TM1 who suffers from a genuine obsession with pushing the boundaries of the tool-set to give the customer a system that meets their requirements instead of one that dictates how the customer should work. Declan has consistently shown a real passion for TM1 by contributing to various online and offline communities on a regular basis.

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Director and IBM Planning Analytics expert Adam Whittick

Adam Whittick

Adam started his career working for a world renowned luxury car firm. Having gained detailed knowledge of all finance departments and the systems they use – he headed up their implementation of TM1. He has since worked with TM1 across various industries, big and small. from the private and public sector.

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Director and IBM Planning Analytics expert Edward Stuart

Edward Stuart

Edward is a Financial Planning Management Specialist with a great deal of experience delivering end to end FPM solutions to customers across varying industries. Edward clearly has a great interest in the product set and that is made obvious by the respect he has gained across the industry. Edward has a reputation for getting things done!

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Adam Cavanagh

Adam, as our Sales Director, nurtures and grows our client base.  He has extensive knowledge and experience of the issues that businesses face in developing systems and processes to enable them to grow in an efficient and effective manner.   Contact Adam to understand how Planning Analytics can help your business.

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Working with Spitfire Analytics has resulted in the Finance Team becoming an integral part of the business. We are now able to provide analysis and strategic advice on the future direction of the business, rather than spending our time poring over endless spreadsheets.

- Lee Boyle, Finance Director – Engineering, NG Bailey

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