We’ve talked a lot about the growing importance of FP&A and the processes and tools businesses will need in place to come through the current situation. However, even if you have already invested in your systems and you’re using scenario planning to inform your decision making, if your team can’t easily access your planning system at this time you’re still going to be held back.

Let’s speed this up

Is your team finding remote working and daily VPN access to your on-premises system a struggle? Speed and reliability are potentially a new challenge when entire teams are working from isolated locations. Businesses relying on legacy platforms and connecting to internal servers are particularly noticing the pain of trying to use their systems from outside the network.

Alongside the issues of data latency over VPN is the question of out of date software. If you still refer to your system as IBM® Cognos TMI within your organisation, chances are your technology is not the latest version available.

There is a very simple solution to these problems – migration to the cloud. Having access to your system through the cloud removes the need for VPN programs, allowing your team access from anywhere on any device without the latency issues of network connection.

Access all areas

It also opens up access to the most up-to-date Planning Analytics platforms. This software will be automatically updated with any new releases from IBM®, ensuring you always have access to the latest functionality and any bug fixes or system updates are carried out by specialist IBM® experts, removing the burden from your in-house IT team.

Migration itself is quick and easy – projects can be completed in less than a week. Our consultants talk you through the key areas and produce a bespoke ‘Moving to cloud made easy’ document that is unique to your business. Once you’re all set up and moved across we then include training to make sure you are completely up to speed on the new functionality you have access to.

Your business needs to be operating at peak performance to navigate the current crisis. If remote working is causing frustration and inefficiencies and reducing your capabilities, let us remove that pain point by giving you access to a better way of working.

Save time and improve performance

Moving your system to the cloud will provide tangible performance increases: one customer we’ve worked with made the conservative estimate that they were saving 100 hours per week through improvements in speed, capability and stability. No more staring at a loading icon or having Excel add-in crash, taking all your spreadsheets with them; instead your team can focus on what’s important: planning your way out of the current situation.

To find out more about how we would approach moving your system to the cloud, get in touch today to start the conversation.

Simon Bradshaw

I have worked in finance and business systems development since 2001 and am an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. In 2016 I became a founding member of Spitfire Analytics, a consultancy specialising in IBM Planning Analytics. We are committed to building long-term relationships across all industries. I focus on my CPD through CIMA and IBM badges, ensuring I am always abreast of best practice and developments within the industry.


The great thing about working with Spitfire Analytics is their financial background.  We can just explain what we need in our own terms and they understand exactly what needs to be done.

- Phil Talbot, Finance Director, Robertson Group

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